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Child & Youth Work Practice I & II

"Shana was always so helpful and so caring. It was so nice to have a professor that actually cared" (Student, Course Evaluation, Fall 2019)

Gardening Lesson

Inter & Intra-personal Life Skills for Student Athletes

"[Students] felt supported asking questions [...] everyone had equitable opportunities to participate. I liked the activities" (Student, Summer 2021)

Soccer Team

Attentional Teaching Practices

"I appreciate her classes, her comments, her input, her preparation [...] Shana is a great instructor. She practices what she preaches" (Student, Fall 2021)

Teacher Assisting a Student

First Experiences in (Qualitative) Research Seminar

"Alyssa and Shana made research less intimidating. I loved working on the coding project with them, it was cool to use real data" (Student, Spring 2020)

Stack of Files

Field Observations in Education Settings

[Course in progress]

School Bus
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