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May the things we create

act as hopeful reminders

of what could be.

Recent Publications

  • DeVlieger, S., Dolcini-Catania, L., Cyranowski, J. (In press). Clinical trainee perspectives on the implementation of trauma-focused training. American Journal of Psychotherapy.

  • DeVlieger, S., Dolcini-Catania, L., Willford, J., & Gallen, R. (2022). “Empowered and driven to help”: Learning about childhood trauma during preservice training. Journal of Trauma Studies in Education

  • Chen, C. C., Qin, X., DeVlieger, S., & Farmer, T. W. (2022). Longitudinal research to support tailored interventions: Person-and process-oriented approaches. In Handbook of Special Education Research, Volume I (pp. 245-256). Routledge.

  • Farmer, T. W., Serpell, Z., Scott, L. A., DeVlieger, S. E., Brooks, D. S., & Hamm, J. V. (2022). The Developmental Dynamics of Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties of Youth of Color: Systemic Oppression, Correlated Constraints, and the Need for Targeted Universalism. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.

  • DeVlieger, S. (2021). Trauma-Informed, Antiracist Approaches to Teaching Developmental Science. SRCD Biennial Developmental Science Virtual Teaching Institute.

  • Guyon-Harris, K. L., Carrel, R., DeVlieger, S., Humphreys, K. L., & Huth-Bocks, A. C. (2021). The emotional tone of child descriptions during pregnancy is associated with later parenting. Infant Mental Health Journal, 1– 9.

Active Collaborations

Completed Projects


  • Rodriguez, V., DeVlieger, S. (2022). Teaching Brain: Prioritizing efforts for teacher morale and retention. The Barancik Foundation.

  • DeVlieger, S., Dolcini-Catania, L., Cyranowski, J. (2021). Graduate Clinical Students’ Perceptions of Trauma-focused Training Competencies and Implementation. DEI and Anti-Racism Mentorship, Learning, and Research Enhancement Grant, Psychology Committee on Equity, Inclusion, and Community (PEIC) Committee, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychology

  • DeVlieger, S. (2021). CGSE Travel Grant, University of Pittsburgh School of Education

  • DeVlieger, S. (2020). Undergraduate Student Experiences Learning about Childhood Trauma. Council of Graduate Students in Education Research Grant, University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Methodological Training


  • Causal Inference

  • Mixed Effects Models

  • HLM


  • Regression analyses

  • Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA)

  • Linguistic Analysis (LIWC)


  • Interviews

  • Case Study

  • Photovoice

  • Journey Mapping

  • Artifact Analysis

  • Ethnography

  • Critical Whiteness & Critical Feminist Frameworks

Mixed Methods


SPSS, Stata, R, NVivo, Dedoose, MAXQDA, Flourish, Qualtrics, Red Cap

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