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My collaborators have included a range of individuals (e.g., learners and leaders from Pre-K to higher education) and organizations (e.g., school districts, educational and behavioral health agencies, and teams committed to social justice) from across the globe. I value interdisciplinary and multigenerational collaborations, and those that unite practice, policy, and research communities to advance equity in education.  


Our projects have included: community events, educational talks, podcasts, conference panels, professional development sessions, support and healing groups, newsletters, grant applications, empirical studies, school-based interventions, program evaluations, affinity reading groups, mobile apps and art projects.


 I am primarily considering virtual collaborations.

Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to being in touch.

You can expect a response from me within 5 business days.

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This is *one* framework we might use to ground our work together. 
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