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My name is Shana. 

I use she/her pronouns and pronounce my name like this: SHAY-na de-vLEE-ger. 

My work is rooted in the belief that: 1) we are all connected, 2) learning and human development are lifelong endeavors, and 3) everyone deserves the rights and resources they need for growth. As a researcher, I use humanizing approaches to listen, learn with, and share diverse perspectives in order to develop responsive and equitable solutions.

Just over a decade ago, I began my career as a public elementary school teacher in California and Hawai'i. I left the classroom to pursue graduate studies in urban education and applied developmental psychology, with the aim of improving support for teachers and their work with children facing adversity. As a master's student at USC, I developed a strong foundation in learning theories and culturally responsive pedagogy; as a master's student at Harvard, I learned how to critically consume and conduct rigorous research, and leverage it to inform interventions. Applying this to practice, I then worked with school administrators and teachers to redesign and evaluate culturally responsive, trauma-responsive practices and policies. Curious about possibilities in teacher education, I began my PhD in 2019. 

My PhD research has employed critical qualitative and mixed-methods approaches to surface new insights about how adults learn and develop new perspectives, particularly when engaging with challenging topics (e.g., racism).  I also teach observation and reflection-based seminars for future teachers, and continue to consult with schools around teacher wellness and development. 

Outside of schools, you can find me outdoors, traveling with loved ones, sending snail mail, and trying new recipes. 

I'm always happy to connect with new thought partners. Please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Shana DeVlieger
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